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Why was Open SDG chosen?

It’s free, user-friendly, open-source, easy-to-set and maintain.

Which organisation was responsible for choosing and implementing the platform?

State Statistics Service of Ukraine in partnership with UNDP Ukraine.

How did you set up your country platform based on Open SDG?

Within a Joint UN Programme “Promoting Strategic Planning and Financing for Sustainable Development on National and Regional Level in Ukraine” funded by the Joint SDG Fund with support from the UK Office for National Statistics and Open Data Enterprise.

How long did it take to set up the platform?

4 months

How do you upload data and metadata into the platform?


How is the platform hosted? (GitHub, local server, other platform)


How are support and maintenance managed for the platform?

State Statistics Service of Ukraine administers the platform.

What languages is your platform available in?

English, Ukrainian.

What customisations were added to the Open SDG platform?

The Ukrainian language was added.

What advice and lessons learned could you give to other countries considering using Open SDG?

Using Open SDG is highly advisable to foster SDG statistics digitalization within the country for the sake of users, as well as for unifying approaches on SDG reporting across the countries.