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Who is using Open SDG?

Below is a list of some of the countries and localities that are currently using the Open SDG platform. If you know of an implementation that should be added to this list, please let us know at opensdg@googlegroups.com.


Country Link
Armenia https://armstat.github.io/sdg-site-armenia/
Bosnia and Herzegovina https://sdg.bhas.gov.ba/
Canada https://sdgcif-data-canada-oddcic-donnee.github.io/
Germany https://sustainabledevelopment-germany.github.io/
Ghana* https://sustainabledevelopment-ghana.github.io/
Iceland https://visar.hagstofa.is/heimsmarkmidin/
Kazakhstan In development
Kyrgyzstan https://sustainabledevelopment-kyrgyzstan.github.io/
Lao PDR https://www.lsb.gov.la/sdg/
Malta In development
Moldova In development
Myanmar In development
Nepal In development
Poland* http://sdg.gov.pl/
Rwanda https://sustainabledevelopment-rwanda.github.io/
Sierra Leone In development
South Korea http://kostat.go.kr/sdg
Tajikistan In development
Turkey In development
United Kingdom https://sdgdata.gov.uk/
United States https://sdg.data.gov/

Cities and regions

City/region Link
Barcelona https://sdgdata.barcelona.cat/
Bristol https://bristolsdgs.github.io/
Canary Islands https://www3.gobiernodecanarias.org/aplicaciones/appsistac/ods/
Cantabria https://ods-cantabria.github.io/ods-cantabria/
City of Los Angeles https://sdgdata.lamayor.org/
Liverpool https://liverpool-sdg-data.github.io/
Lombardy In development
Madrid In development

*Using older version of platform that Open SDG is based on.