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Open SDG is an open-source reporting platform for managing and publishing statistics related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is freely available for any country or organization to reuse and can be hosted and maintained using free services.

This month, the Open SDG community launched version 1.3.0, which includes a variety of enhancements and features ranging from data display, data disaggregation, structure/navigation, and design.

Notable updates include:

  • Multiple fixes and improvements for high-contrast mode
  • New color scheme for charts, for optimal contrast
  • Fixes and improvements to the “Sources” tab
  • Remove horizontal chart grid lines, for cleaner chart display
  • Style improvements for display of “tags” on goal pages
  • Style improvements for news layout
  • Control decimal places per indicator/unit/series
  • Control decimal separator site-wide
  • Show units in chart tooltips
  • Series support: users see only units/fields for the selected series
  • Optional dropdowns in the main menu
  • Consistent color-assignments for disaggregations on chart
  • Optional left-aligned header
  • Improvements to search styles and behavior
  • Optional previous/next navigation for indicators and goals
  • Standalone indicators (such as for COVID-19 statistics)

You can view a summary of the updates on our platform updates page, and a more detailed list in our 1.3.0 release notes.

There are 12 countries/cities/regions already using Open SDG, and 10 more implementations are under development. Do you want to join them? To set up your own platform, visit the Quick Start Guide. Find us on GitHub or email us at opensdg@googlegroups.com with any comments, feedback, and questions.