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Open SDG is an open-source reporting platform for managing and publishing statistics related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is freely available for any country or organization to reuse and can be hosted and maintained using free services.

This month, the Open SDG community launched version 2.3.0, which includes a variety of enhancements and features.

Notable updates include:

  • New site configuration forms
  • iframe-friendly versions of each indicator can be created
  • Observation attributes can be displayed on charts, tables and maps
  • ‘Out of scope’ can be removed from disaggregation status
  • Ruby 3 upgrade enabled
  • Country name translated in table header​ and header columns pinned
  • Added units and series columns to data download files​
  • Improvements to checkbox selection on indicator pages​
  • data_start_values on maps: geographical fields now ignored​
  • Graph annotation label position functionality improved​
  • Improvements to screenreader and voice control functionality​
  • DataSchemaInputSdmxDsd allowed as a data schema
  • Bugfixes for some maps and series not appearing

You can view a summary of the updates on our platform updates page, and a more detailed list in our 2.3.0 release notes.

For technical help in upgrading to this version, see our upgrade instructions for 2.3.0.

There are over 45 countries/cities/regions already using Open SDG, with more under development. Do you want to join them? To set up your own platform, visit the Quick Start Guide. Find us on GitHub or email us at opensdg@outlook.com with any comments, feedback, and questions.