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GitHub has enforced a new security policy as of 11 January 2022 which may prevent your data builds from running. To see whether you are affected by the problem, take a look at the scripts/requirements.txt file in your data repository. (For example, here is this file in the data starter repository).

If you see any lines that start with…


…then you will need to change them. Instead of git+git you should change them to git+https. Here is a step-by-step for doing that:

  1. Login to GitHub.com
  2. Go to your data repository and navigate to the scripts folder, and then click on requirements.txt.
  3. Edit the file by clicking the pencil icon
  4. Change any occurrences of git+git to git+https.
  5. At the bottom press “Propose changes” and then “Create pull request”
  6. Wait for any automated tests to complete, and then press “Merge pull request”.