This table provides metadata for the actual indicator available from Australia statistics closest to the corresponding global SDG indicator. Please note that even when the global SDG indicator is fully available from Australian statistics, this table should be consulted for information on national methodology and other Australian-specific metadata information.

This table provides information on metadata for SDG indicators as defined by the UN Statistical Commission. Complete global metadata is provided by the UN Statistics Division.


Indicator 16.10.1: Number of verified cases of killing, kidnapping, enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention and torture of journalists, associated media personnel, trade unionists and human rights advocates in the previous 12 months[1]


Current approved formulation of the indicator (E/2017/24-E/CN.3/2017/35). Informed by ongoing efforts to improve the methodology of the indicator, and consultations with relevant stakeholders, OHCHR, UNESCO and ILO have agreed to work towards a refinement of the current formulation to streamline and closely align itwith target 16.10. The working draft of the proposed refinement is as follows:

“Number of verified cases of killing, enforced disappearance, torture, arbitrary detention, kidnapping and other harmful acts against journalists, trade unionists and human rights defenders”

The elements of the proposed refinement serves as the basisfor this metadata and methodological approach.


Target 16.10: Ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms, in accordance with national legislation and international agreements

Metadata update


International organisations(s) responsible for global monitoring

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) International Labour Organization (ILO)

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